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Our commitment to pave the way

Aurora Red Technology was born on January 3, 2013 base on the experience and commitment to excellence in Service Management. I want to celebrate that with our customers and members.

When I was flying to Seattle, WA I took the flight magazine and start surfing through pages. "Aurora's and their stories" got my attention. Eskimos believed auroras are the way our ancestors communicating to us! and the rare type of aurora is the red one. Now the surge to connect all dots, to find the answer to all unknowns and a wonderful flight attendant who noticed my mood change and asked me "anything to drink?" I said yes, water please!

But she looked at me scanning if I'm all right. I told here I was reading this story and I feel I found a name for my company. A company which is dedicated to making technology to work for life. I'll call her 'Aurora Red Technology', ART. The ART of putting technology into service of life.

My child was born 23000 feels above earth's surface on the way to Seattle!

Since then all efforts were aimed and directed to make Service Management (Providing valuable services to stakeholders using technology and other resources, all the time) more available and achievable for our clients.

In that direction we provide what you need to achieve your ITSM goals including:

Knowledge, How to's, Process Maps, Training, Consulting, Templates, Audits, Assessments, and many more tools, to enable you and your employee.

You can have access to the huge amount of resources ready to be filled, with information that your team gathered, and presented in a professional way.

You will impress your employer and manager by using our tools and presenting them as your own. Why not? Why invent the wheel?

As always, we are ready to demo our products and answer your questions. We have created different options to include different needs. So, If you prefer a role or functional base need analysis, we have all you need to shine in your service management projects.

Contact us :)


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